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Scientific Anglers UST Short - Orange/Green - 6/7 F/S3

Scientific Anglers UST Short - Orange/Green

Scientific Anglers UST Short - Orange/Green

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Introducing the UST Short, the next step in the evolution of the traditional Scandi taper. Featuring a more compact head, Seamless Density sinking technology, and a textured surface, the UST Short allows you to fish at the correct depth and speed wherever your fly is in the water column. The introduction of Seamless Density sinking technology was a necessary one from a design standpoint. We had to devise a way to get from a floating section to a fast-sinking one in under 10 meters. Instead of a quick density change, which could lead to unnecessary hinge points while casting and unwanted drag while in the water, we gradually mixed densities, which resulted in a head which sinks as well as it casts. What you see is the result of hours of designing, hours of casting, and even more hours of on-the-water work. The UST Short is the most advanced, most groundbreaking Scandi taper on the market today. We are confident the results will speak for themselves.

Key features:

- Mastery Textured Coating
- Advanced Shooting Technology (AST)
- Graduated density
- Streamlined welded loops on both ends
- Scientific Anglers line identification
- Braided multifilament core